All Sea View rooms in the Pattawia hotel Resort & Spa Hua Hin

Best Mattresses in Prachuap Kiri Khan Province

Just like all of the sister resorts and hotels of the Pattawia hotel, these Deluxe Sea View rooms are best known for their giant double or twin beds! You won't find many other hotels or resorts in the Hua Hin area or even in central Thailand, that understand the need of a good night's rest (or quick afternoon nap) as well as we do. Where other Thai hoteliers may try to limit their recurring investments to a bare minimum, we choose to go all out and provide our guests with the very best mattresses we can find. By doing so we won't shy away of using double oversized king size mattresses and nearly queen sized single beds to ensure that all of our guest will report how well they slept in the Pattawia hotel to their friends and family back home. We even have our bed sheets customs made, so they fit perfectly around these oversized thick mattresses.

Other great comforts in the rooms

Most of our guests come from cold countries and tend to spend as much time as possible outside floating in or lying next to the huge swimming pool and / or exploring the surrounding areas. For those few leftover hours before bed or those very rare days that it may rain, we have ensured that your stay in your room will be (nearly) as comfortable as at home. You will find a large TV (29 inch or larger) with several international TV channels like BVN, RT, NHK, Star Movies, ESPN, BBC News, Discovery Channel, etc. (channels may change over time). There is a standard hotel refrigerator which you are more than welcome to fill with supplies you buy from our very customer friendly priced OTOP shop in the main lobby or from any convenience store in the area. 2 bottles of drinking water are supplied free of charge daily. In the open closet area next to the fridge and personal safe, you will find sets of bathrobes, slippers, extra pillows and umbrellas for your personal use. Next to the make-up table you will find the coffee and tea corner with a complementary selection of teas and coffee, which you can enjoy out on the terrace or on the coffee chairs inside. Enjoying that book you've meaning to read for nearly a year is best done on the large sofa bed next to the window. If you are too comfortable in your room to come down to enjoy the wonderful restaurant, please feel free to call for room service until 22:00 (possibly 23:00 on busy days) to have us serve your favorite snacks, drinks, lunch or dinner in the privacy of your own room. For late sleepers or afternoon nappers, we have installed special dual layers blackout curtains to ensure that you will have the best possible day- or night rest.

Private & safe hotel rooms

Thailand is, without a doubt, one of the safest countries in the world when it comes to small crimes like petty theft and burglary. Some of this is caused by the fact that nearly every shop, hotel or other business employs security personnel, but it also comes from the mostly Buddhist background of it's citizens. Social control is very high, because most people do actually care what happens to others, especially foreign visitors. However, to prevent uncomfortable discussions or needles worries, we have made the Pattawia hotel rooms a lot more safe than required. The only way to access the rooms is by special encoded key card and inside of each room you will find a personal safe that offers ample space for your valuables when you are out. The balcony doors open from the inside only. There is a fire sprinkler and smoke detector in every room and you will find fire alarms, hoses and fire escapes all over the hotel. You can even see lightening rods on our roofs, which is quite uncommon in Thailand.

Large private Balconies

When we built the Pattawia Resort & Spa hotel, our main focus was to make certain that every guest would be able to have an excellent view of the beautiful Gulf of Thailand right in front of the hotel. To ensure that our guest would be able to enjoy that view at all times we added several square meters to the already very spacious rooms to make space for a large balcony from where our guests can not only enjoy the very impressive view of the sea, but also keep an eye on their children or friends in the swimming pool, play ground or terrace restaurant area.

Modern spacious Bathrooms

Most people have come to take certain hotel amenities for granted, even in countries or cultures that are very different from their own and fortunately most 5, 4 and even 3 star hotels and resorts in Thailand have adapted certain western standards when it comes to hotel rooms. However, things like a bathtubs or sometimes even hot water are still far from standard. Not in the Pattawia resort & Spa, of course. In our modern bathrooms you will find a separate shower with dual shower heads as well as a full sized bathtub with yet another showerhead, both with hot & cold water. There is an extra large mirror hanging above the designer vessel style sink, with a dedicated hairdryer next to an electrical outlet that can also be used for electric toothbrush- and other chargers, not just the razor only type you may find in older hotels. The 2nd in-house phone right next to the toilet may not be as functional as it used to be before we all carried mobiles, but it can still be very useful in case of emergency or just for ordering extra towels. On the other side of the sink you will find a all the useful & free toiletries that you may have forgotten to pack, like toothbrushes & toothpaste, shampoo, bath gel, body lotion, cotton buds, etc. If you enjoy a view of the sky and sea while taking a bath or want to keep an eye on your young ones while they take a bath or shower, you'll be happy to learn that the blinds between the bedroom and bathroom do open and you can even slide open most of the window.

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the Pattawia Resort & Spa Hua Hin, Pak Nam Pran Beach, 9/21 Moo 5, Pranburi, Prachuap Kiri Khan, 77220 Thailand.